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Name: Class: 7A REVISION FOR A 45-MINUTE thử nghiệm (N02) A. PRONOUNCIATION: 1. A. Apartment b. Awful c. Far 2. A. Stay b. Catch c. May 3. A. Energetic b. Event c. Enjoy 4. A. Friday b. April c. Library 5. A. Children b. School c. Chemistry B. VOCABULARY và STRUCTURE: 1. The students usually play catch at ___ a. Lunch b. Dinner c. Recess 2. In Geography, students study about ___and different country. A. Marbles b. Maps c. Events 3. Tía is often interested in___ stamps. A. Collecting b. To collect c. Collect 4. Cha is a president of the stamp’s ___club. A. Khổng lồ collect b. Collector c. Collection 5. ___ bởi Hoa’s classes start và finish? – They start at 7 & finish at 11.15. A. When b. What time c. Where 6. You work too much, Hoa. You should ___ a. Relax b. Khổng lồ relax c. Relaxing 7. We learn ___ to use a Computer in her Computer science class. A. What b. How c. When 8. In___, we study different countries và their people. A. Geography b. Math c. History 9. My father enjoys___ tennis in his không tính phí time. A. Play b. To play c. Playing 10. Lan usually watches TV, she never play sport. She is not very ___ a. Sporting b. Sports c. Sporty 11. There is nothing in the refrigerator. Why don’t we___ lớn the market? a. Goes b. Going c. Go 12. When does Hoa ___ History class? – On Tuesday. A. Study b. Have c. Learn 13. In___, we study past và present events in Viet Nam and around the world. A. Geography b.

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Math c. History 14. There is nothing in the refrigerator. Let’s ___ to the market. A. Goes b. Going c. Go 15. ___ bởi you go khổng lồ school? Six days a week. A. How long b. How often c. How far C. Make questions for the underline words 1. I often go lớn the zoo with my family. ? 2. She is a doctor. ? 3. He usually plays soccer after school. ? 4. Lan has English class on Monday. ? 5. I learn how to bởi some experiments in Physic class. ? 6. I usually go to the library twice a week. ?Name: Class: 7A D. Rewrite: 1. What about going lớn the movies tonight? Let’s 2. Let’s go khổng lồ Lan’s house. Why don’t we ? 3. Let’s play volleyball. What about ? 4. It’s nine thirty. It’s . 5. It’s ten fifteen. It’s 6. I like Music best. My . 7. I don’t like playing sport. I’m not . 8. Mai likes reading comics in her không lấy phí time. Mai is E. Rearrange the serts of words to have right sentences 1. We / at /play / usually / marbles /recess. . 2. Would / like / see / a movie / khổng lồ / you / with / us? . 3. At the moment/ nam / playing / and / soccer. / Ba/ are . 4. He/ watches/ in / his / free time./ always/ TV. . 5. We/ usually / fishing / after / go / school. . 6. I/ good / am / Literature./ at . 7. House/ Would you /come / my/ for/ to/ like/ to/ lunch? . 8. Class / What/ he / does / learn/ in History/ ? . F. Answer the questions about you: 1. How often do you go lớn the library? . 2. What is your favorite subject? . 3. What vì chưng you usually vày after school? . 4. What bởi you study in Computer Science class? . 5. What vày you study in Physic class? . 6. What vày you study in History class? . 7. What vị you study in Geography class? . 8. What vị you usually bởi vì at recess? . 9. Vày you like playing sports? . 10. Are you good at Math? .